Mujer de para moda gato ZHANGYUSEN de ojo UV400 la Whitegray Vintage Retro sol de Blackleopardbrown gafas femenino de señoras Gafas qzX0X7w

Mujer de para moda gato ZHANGYUSEN de ojo UV400 la Whitegray Vintage Retro sol de Blackleopardbrown gafas femenino de señoras Gafas qzX0X7w

La actriz hace un llamado a cuidar los animales en peligro de extinción
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Ciudad de México

Eiza González compartió en su cuenta de Instagram un video en el que hace un llamado a protejer el planeta y a los animales en peligro de extinción.

Su mensaje lo acompañó con un video en el que aparece una tarántula caminando por su rostro.

"@global_wildlife_conservation con puras especies mexicanas, como yo! Esta es una tarántula mexicana... como yo protejamos nuestro planeta y las animales en peligro de extinción", escribió junto al video.

Hace unos días, la actriz compartió su pesar porque su perrita, con la que ha pasado 14 años, tuvo que ser intervenida y perdió un ojo.


Im usually very private but as some of you know. My dog is absolutely everything to me. Today it’s been such a hard day for me. I saw my baby girl who I rescued 14 yrs ago and shared my life with lose her eye over a sad degenerative desease. After taking her to thousands of vets and no one figuring out what she had by the time someone finally figured it out, it was too late. It’s been so hard for me to look at her and accept the fact of life and aging. There’s nothing I can do more than love her with all my heart while I drown my tears so she can feel strong. I love Pasita with all my heart like if she was my child. ( pet owners will understand.) I know she’s so loved by my friends and family and I wanted to thank everyone who’s been supporting us throughout this absolutely brutal process. I hold on to the fact that she’s feeling better and is in less pain. Also so grateful because it could be so much worst. She’ll be the cutest pirate dog out there #unconditionallove Please keep her in your thoughts throughout this recovery! We are staying very optimistic because she’s always been beautiful inside out, she’s the sweetest girl!!! And that’s all that matters! Healthy and happy

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