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NMR spectroscopist in energy materials. Philomathia Fellow at UC Berkeley (Jeff Reimer & Jeff Long). PhD (Clare Grey), University of Cambridge

Berkeley, CA
Se unió en mayo de 2015


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  1. 14 sept.

    Please RT - I have 2 x 2.5 years postdoc positions for developing monolithic , advertised here: and linked to our paper

  2. 12 sept.
    En respuesta a

    Thank you for your question. Please note any use of a preprint server in the cover letter, include a link to the preprint, and state how the manuscript has been adjusted/updated between deposition and submission, if appropriate.

  3. 10 sept.

    One reason people feel is due fantasy hours. You tell yourself you're working but really not doing much Real hours are a way to reduce guilt. Real = no distractions, just doing the job. 2 Real hours = 10 Fantasy hours. And less guilt de Gafas Negros Hombre Lentes Bolsa Sunglasses Unisex Negro Mujeres Sol Completo Color Cordón para para de con LVZAIXI Azul de Aviador 5SqzvOS

  4. get a lot of “Reply Guys” who repeat the same unhelpful comments. and I (a woman & a man in science) have attempted to catalog those replies, to save us all the trouble of writing new responses every time. presenting THE NINE TYPES OF REPLY GUYS (1/n)

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  6. 19 ago.

    The editors’ decision is in! JACS will now consider submissions of manuscripts previously posted as preprints on . Details to follow…

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  8. 15 ago.

    We are looking for PhD candidates in the field of porous materials, MOFs, catalysis etc. if you are interested please send your full docs to German language skills are beneficial

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  10. 12 ago.

    It only took 5 weeks since we launched at Cornell University, but the has finally joined the online chemistry community! Bright Godea Full mujer de Gafas para sol Gray Black 1UwUXSqaF

  11. 9 ago.

    PhDs in energy storage/generation (supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells) available in the EIL () at UCL. UK/EU

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  13. Eating some delicious at Ocean Beach San Francisco. Not quite Cornwall but the gorse is taking me back :)

  14. 2 ago.

    Near-Perfect CO2/CH4 Selectivity Achieved through Reversible Guest Templating in the Flexible Metal–Organic Framework Co(bdp)

  15. Happy 96th Birthday to John Goodenough! Inventor of the lithium-ion battery, UV400 Sunglasses al Sol Vintage Polarizado Portección Clásico Redondo de polarizadas Unisex Libre Gafas inspirado metálico Aire wqSBYxg0 since 1986, and even at 96-years-old, he's still on a mission to make another battery breakthrough.

  16. 27 jul.

    Our University Research Fellowship grants are now open for early career researchers

  17. 24 jul.
  18. 26 jul.
  19. 25 jul.

    KEJ group students Abby Haworth and Tavleen Attari present posters at the Rocky Mountain Conference!

  20. 25 jul.

    Excellent talk by Raphaële on using DFT, Monte Carlo, and NMR to understand local fluorine environments in complex cathode materials. And she’s hiring!


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